Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Plant a Tree, Spam a Friend

I have been in contact with Trees for the Future and frankly I cannot see why they are still partners with Mamasource. Not ONE thing has changed with Mamasource. Not ONE. They still have their email servers configured like those of the common spammer, they still do NOT provide and UNSUBSCRIBE link that actually will unsubscribe you from their daily emails or email digest and they are still HARVESTING and HIJACKING unsuspecting women's email address books on a daily basis.

Artie Wu may claim there is a programming error, but in my research I've found that Artie Wu is not technically challenged. Quite the opposite is true.

And he is still spamming you and other women in the name of moms, trees and breast cancer.

Frankly, I think Artie Wu is a smooth talker and has fooled his partners and subscribers into believing that all this spam is a result of programming errors. With his background with Vividence and all that he's done in the past with "intelligence mining" I find this very, very difficult to swallow. Artie Wu is far from technically challenged. He is a bulldog. He is known for getting information from his competitors with techniques that he won't divulge. His company Vividence, was one of the top places to go to mine data for companies. He sold that company for about $22M and he has top-notch programmers on board. He knows EXACTLY what he is doing.

And yet he still blames all this spam on programming errors, or better yet, on YOU.

I think not.

Please contact the good folks at Trees For The Future and tell them that you are sick of getting spammed in the name of their organization!

Their number is 1-800-643-0001

Monday, March 10, 2008

Still Spamming In The Name of Planting Trees

Looks like Artie Wu is still spamming people in the name of planting trees.

I wonder why Trees For the Future would tolerate partnering with such an obvious scam artist.

This post found on a random blog on March 10, 2008:

"so so sorry if you got an email from me about planting a tree!??! apparently this site, mamasource, which actually sounds like a great idea, hijacks your email list if you go to their site or if you sign up. so if you got one from me, i promise i didn't send it, and if you get a mamasource email from someone else just don't open it or even click on the link. blech. i hate spam."