Monday, February 25, 2008

Artie Wu's Spam Is The Gift That Keeps Giving

Looks like Artie Wu and Mamasource are still up to their old tricks.

Here's a post from a blogger in Scotland:

"Something terrible has happened. Apparently I unknowingly spammed all of my e-mail contacts. I received an e-mail from my sister-in-law a week or so ago (I'm assuming she did the same thing I did, hence the e-mail from her) that had information in it about something called Mamasource. I know I opened the e-mail but I don't remember what I did after that. (Name deleted) has informed me that somehow I allowed it to get access to my Gmail account and it then spammed all of my contacts. So, if I have ever written you an e-mail and you received an e-mail from Mamasource telling you that I want you to plant a tree or something weird like that, I am SO SORRY! I am not really sure what I did, but I didn't intentionally send you all e-mails from Mamasource and I don't really care if you plant trees for me or not. Sorry. I really don't know what to tell you all to do to stop getting these stupid e-mails, but just ignore them, delete them, or if you have Gmail, mark them as spam so they won't come through anymore. Again, I apologize for whatever I did to spam you. I didn't mean to."

Nice, Artie.


Dinosaur Mom said...

Keep on the fight. I'm sure glad I had the know-how to skip the step of giving them my passwords when I signed up!

Maria Alexander said...

Whoa! That's scary, Dinosaur Mom. I didn't realize he was now doing that in signups. Bad, bad Artie!