Sunday, February 17, 2008

What Other Women Are Saying About Mamasource's Email Phishing Scam

McAfee Site Advisor doesn't give this site a negative rating...yet, but these user comments aren't flattering:


Rating: Phishing or other scams

"Phishing for email addresses in your address book!!!"

"This site will steal your address book and send unsolicited email to all the women in it. Someone I know received a "flower" (small picture of a flower) from a friend via Mamasource then offered to let this person send a flower back to their friend. They give you links to sign into your email account (gmail, yahoo, etc...). Then they ask if you want to send flowers to other friends in your address book. If you opt not to send additional flowers to your other contacts via this site, Mamasource ignores this request and sends it to all your contacts with female first names. They then repeat the process of offering those recipients the opportunity to reply with a flower, thus obtaining more email addresses of unsuspecting victims."

"I am sure once confronted with the facts will just say that it was a programming error, but this site should be shut down for their underhanded tricks."

(my note: this is exactly what Artie Wu told me in an email. Programming error. Ya, right!)

Posted at 02/12/2008


Rating: This site spams

"After logging in with an email password for yahoo, it went into my address book and sent flowers to people that I did not authorize. When I logged in to it does not list those flowers that I had supposedly authorized to send. They spammed a lot of my friends from my address book."

Posted at 02/08/2008


Rating: Phishing or other scams

" via "plant a tree" asked for my email password. Technically, this is phishing."

Posted at 12/06/2007


Have a complaint or a spam email from Mamasource? Please forward the email in its entirety to, contact your ISP, post to McAfee Site Advisor and everywhere else you can think of.

Mamasource is a spam site and is involved in email phishing. No matter how cool you think this site may be, you need to understand that their practices are not right and this type of spam site needs to be shut down.

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