Sunday, February 10, 2008

When Will I Drop This Matter?

There are several things that Artie needs to fix in order for me to let up:

1. Create an unsubscribe link that actually goes to an unsubscribe page, not an email preferences page. A user must be able to opt-out with one-click. At this point, not one of Mamasource's subscribers can do that...not one. This IS in violation of the CAN-SPAM act.

2. Quit harvesting people's email addresses! I am not the only one whose email address book was harvested. There is no indication that users can select individual contacts from their address books like you can in other social networking sites. Once an unsuspecting person submits her password, those flowers and trees go to everyone in their address books and they don't go away, the requests keep being sent out again and again. This IS spammy and unethical. And using The Breast Cancer Fund and Trees For the Future to solicit moms in this way? Pathetic. Also, the page you get when you sign up at the site is a blatant pitch page encouraging moms to enter their email passwords for flowers, a page that says "this is your only chance!" and I find this very alarming.

3. Fix Mamasource's mailservers that are currently configured like those of a spammer. Read the post on the DNS report for more information on that one. I wish someone more technical than myself (which is about anyone) would comment on the current configurations and why they are configured like they are.

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