Friday, February 8, 2008

Please Wait...Importing Contacts

This is the text of the page you get when you sign up at Mamasource...this is amazing to me!

Please comment and tell me your thoughts about getting into people's email address books this way. It is one thing to get an email invite and be naive enough to enter your email password (like I did!) but to get this straight away when you sign up on a "trusted" site like this? Seriously now folks, is this ethical? Is this legal? Can someone please tell me, because I don't know.

What I do know is that this is sketchy and I still smell a rat.

Here's the text of the webpage:


Breast Cancer Fund (logo here)

Next step: Who else do you know on Mamasource? Find out and help prevent breast cancer. (are they even affiliated with the Breast Cancer Fund?)

For a limited time, when you look up Moms you may know on Mamasource and send flowers to non-members, we’ll make a donation to the Breast Cancer Fund for every Mom who sends a Mamasource Flower.

* For every Mom who sends a Mamasource Flower, we’ll make a donation to the Breast Cancer Fund, the leading national organization focused on identifying the environmental causes of breast cancer and preventing the disease.

* This program is limited to newly registered members, and this page will be your only opportunity to participate (oh come on!) — both joining Mamasource and sending Mamasource Flowers are 100% free.

* The more Moms who send Mamasource Flowers, the more we will donate to the Breast Cancer Fund. (I'd really like to know if they are affiliated with the Breast Cancer Fund...and if they are not, watch out, I've had too many friends and family members go through breast cancer to have this be be a scam!)

Look up Moms now using your Gmail Address Book:

Check your Gmail Address Book:

Gmail Username: (deleted)

Gmail Password: (not given!)

Enter your Gmail email password to look up Moms you know on Mamasource. Mamasource will not save your Gmail password. (no, they'll just harvest every single name out of there they can!)

Secure Transaction

The number of Mamasource Flowers you send will be shown on your profile.

Mamasource will not save your login information. It will temporarily and securely be used to retrieve your Gmail address book contacts.

Don’t send flowers (this is a link you can use to bypass the page)

Importing your contacts, please wait one moment... (not sure where this came from as I never entered by password!)

© 2007 Mamasource
Have a question? Contact Us (there is no phone number, and I have received all the same auto-generated reply when I've used this address, which BTW is


I hope I'm wrong people, but none of this adds up.

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